Monday, October 6, 2014

Sobey's Baby be Healthy Program

One of the ladies in my pregnancy class mentioned that Sobey's has a program that gives you free prenatal Vitamins for a year.  Since prenatal vitamins are something you should be taking if you are planning to get pregnant, and even for a few months after the baby is born, I thought it's worth doing a quick Google search.

It is called the Baby Be Healthy Program.  You can sign up online or sign up in store.  However, the 1 year supply of prenatal vitamin is only available to in store participants so I dropped by my closes Sobey's store to sign up.

The process did not take take too long.  I was asked for my health care card, and some information.  Then it took some time for the pharmacy assistant to fill out the rest of the information.  Then I was given a welcome package with the following:

  • a Compliments shopping bag
  • a 30 day supply for prenatal vitamins which they will call me to refill on a monthly basis
  • 1 small jar of diaper rash cream
  • 1 small pack of 24 new born diapers 
  • a various pamphlets on folic acid, breastfeeding, etc.
Since they didn't mention the other items only the vitamins, I'm guessing these freebies may vary depending on store?

The vitamins have the exact same composition as my Kirkland brand of Prenatal vitamins, actually by the same manufacturer.  I kind of expected that they want you to come back regularly for the refills, probably in hopes that they can win your prescription business.  It works for me since we have a Sobey's close by and I'm almost out of my original vitamins.