Friday, October 10, 2014

Some Me Time

It was a hard decision and there was a lot of flip flopping, but Beau and I both agreed that I go on maternity 6 weeks before my due date.

That may not seem like a big decision to many but for someone like me it is.  Because first I'm not good with being idle.  Second, taking maternity early means going back to work early equals less time with baby.  Third, that is 6 weeks of getting a full time pay check I'd be giving up.

But given my work load and the stress at work, we thought it would be best for baby and me to take some mommy time.  Example of how crazy it is at work, I'm a week away from leaving and I've just been given 2 new top priority projects on top of my ongoing projects.  We are getting 3 new hires to replace me, and only one of them started this week.  Another one will start next week.  The third one my boss is writing an offer for so I won't even be here when he starts.  I had to schedule water breaks so I don't get dehydrated (cause of my 3 last kidney stone attacks - kind of a funny story which I'd like to blog about when I have the free time :)

Also, I don't intend to be sitting around doing nothing during this mommy time.  First thing I will do (after I catch up on sleeping) is to plan my days and some projects.  Stay tuned