Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Are you Insured?

The earthquake last night was about 5.6 - pretty decent in terms of earthquake severity. Since I was in my car it felt like someone was pushing it up and down. But from what I hear from others who were in their houses at the time, it sounded and felt like a giant airplane flew directly over your house.

It was today’s hot topic. Of course, I also heard quite a few conversations about earthquake insurance for homes. What is covered and what is not. If I own a place in California I’d definitely get insured.

This brings me to renter’s insurance. I didn’t have it when I was sharing an apartment with a friend. I should though and will the next time I rent. It’s such a small amount ($10 a month) and gives me peace of mind.


Anonymous said...

don't know much about renter's insurance. Hum....I guess I don't have much valuable things I need insurance for in my apartment.

Esme said...

That's true. Theses two insurance options(earthquake and renter) really depend on personal preferrence. I've heard both fors and againsts, and their reasons are all valid.