Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cheap Contacts

I recently discovered a cheap place online to buy contacts. For my brand clearlycontacts.ca was half the price of what I would get at my optometrist. I know, I know. I get it all for free anyway with my medical plan but it's the principle of it.

Delivery is fast (free if you buy certain $ amount) and you can pay after you get your contacts. There is always coupons on Redflagdeals.com for this store too, like coupons for $25 off $199 purchase or $10 Off $99 purchase.

The customer service was good too. My coupon code expired and I got invoiced for the full amount. I called and the rep gave me the money off with another coupon code.


Anonymous said...

I also use them for ordering contacts! They're so much cheaper and shipping is really fast too.