Friday, October 19, 2007

When did I buy all this stuff?

Every time I move I am shocked at the amount of stuff I have. This time is a little worse. When I was traveling/working/studying abroad I had one medium suitcase and one backpack. I hardly bought anything in those two years because there is limited space in the luggage and I knew goodbyes would be too hard. I guess after two years of being deprived I went overboard with accumulating stuff. It’s under control now. There will probably be some blog entries on how. At the thought of having to pack it all up and move by Sunday I am a little overwhelmed.

There is good news though. I thought I had to spend a ton of money buying those moving boxes or some nice Rubbermaid storage boxes. I was leaning toward the storage boxes because I could really use them to organize my closet. But all that spending is avoided.

I asked around work and got hooked up with some moving boxes – the really nice ones with handles on the side and lids that you can take off the top. I got three yesterday, all filled now, but I’m expecting to get some more boxes end of today.


FB @ said...

Ooo.. When I give up my modern nomad lifestyle, I'm going to have to watch that I don't go overboard!

Great to see another female Canadian on the wpersonalfinance network :)