Monday, November 5, 2007

Coinstar is in Canada!

I found out about Coinstar from PF blogs from across the border. I was a little envious. Most products and services become available in the States way before they do in Canada and usually for cheaper. Case in point:

Finally Coinstar is available in selected locations in Canada. If you want to find a location near you try this link. I have tried five major cities in Canada: Montreal – Yes, Ottawa – Yes, Toronto – Yes, Calgary – No, Vancouver – No.

Coinstar basically takes your coins, counts them, and gives you cash in form of store credit or gift cards. In US, the charge is 8.9 cents per dollar counted or it’s free if you choose to receive gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, Linens ‘n Things, etc. In Canada the charge is 9.8 cents.

How long until the gift cards come and I can count my coins for free?? Well, until then I'll be diligently using up my change.


Anonymous said...

I put all my pennies and nickels into one of these machines - I figure the 10% charge is worth is.


Anonymous said...

that's good to know! i'm good about spending my change but my bf is terrible and accumulates huge amounts of coins. and while i have no problem spending my own change, trying to spend his is a challenge once it's gotten that out of hand. i feel like any little dent i make just get refilled right away! anyway, i'll be on the lookout for those coinstar things around here.

SavingDiva said...

My credit union has a coin counter that I can use for need to cash out with gift certificates.

Esme said...

I think our bank takes coins, but it needs to be nicely rolled. Actually maybe the rolling paper is about 10% charge too, so the coinstar worth it?

I tried to do this for my sister and her husband. They have a huge amount of coins just sitting there. I rolled it for them one weekend and 2 months later they are still sitting there.

I know. Rolling coins on a weekend? I have a little OCD probably.