Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Save on Christmas Shopping

I just bought my cousin return flight on Westjet for $450. She’s coming to visit us during Christmas. And so... the Christmas spending begins.

I don’t mind. I didn’t want her to spend the holidays all by herself. Just because I’m generous doesn’t mean that I don’t look for deals though. By being flexible with the dates (she’s in Uni so she gets off early) we saved about $200 dollars.

Then I used Great Canadian Rebates, which gives 1.33% cash back on WestJet purchases. Also, I paid for the ticket with my credit card which gives 1% cash back.

With so much Christmas shopping ahead of my all these rebates, cash backs, and deals will really help.


SavingDiva said...

That's so thoughtful of you! Also, congrats on scoping out a deal! I agree that it's important to get all the additional freebies you can get (hence my obsession with fatwallet).

Anonymous said...

i bought a flight on westjet today too to take advantage of their 50% off sale! but i didn't know about this great canadian rebates thing, will have to look into that.