Monday, November 19, 2007

Reduce Waste and Save Our Environment

SavingDiva had a great post last week about things we can do to save our environment and stop global warming.

This weekend as I was emptying out a drawer full of bags we had collected, I thought we can reduce waste by reducing plastic consumption.

At home we use the plastic grocery bags as garbage bags and it’s quite handy. However, the in take and out going is unbalanced and we end up with more than we need. So we have started bringing our own cloth bags when we go shopping.

When we shop for clothes, accessories, or other small items, we get a lot of bags which we can’t reuse. I have this huge hold all that well holds all. To give you an idea I once fit a football in there. So I have started telling the salesperson before hand not to give me a bag. Sometimes they get confused and it takes some explaining. However, it’s worth it knowing how bad plastic is for the environment.

One more thing is to buy used and sell items you no longer need. It saves money, saves all that packaging new stuff has and other waste. I saw a documentary on how electronics were being shipped to China or India where they are being stripped for metals. However, people were doing it in their homes and without safety gear. Very shocking. They were stripping wires with their hand and melting down PCB boards with fire. One city's river is so polluted, it's black. It strengthened my resolve to consume less, try as much as I can to find good homes for my used electronics, and recycle.

Boston gal also posted links and articles on how to be more green. Great minds think alike? :)


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things about living in Manhattan is that most store clerks are used to hearing people say, "I don't need a bag, thanks." (Or some variation; knowing some NYers, the "thanks" might not be on there!)

This is an area I'm trying to get better at, too. I use my canvas bags a lot, but sometimes just forget. :(

Valley Girl said...

Great post! We all need to do our part.