Friday, November 16, 2007


Last night I was working late on the laptop. It was getting late and very quiet. My music list was playing a random list and Tracy Chapman’s New Beginning album came on. I haven’t heard that album in ages and I was feeling very nostalgic.

When I was studying abroad in Sydney, I had a part-time job working at a store on Bondi Beach nights and weekends. I used to love playing this CD during the mornings I opened the store. Early on Saturday or Sunday mornings when I get to the beach the whole area would be practically empty. First thing I do when I get in is start the stereo and turn it up loud so Tracy’s voice fills the whole store. Then I burn some incense, walk through the store to turn on the computers, and set up my counter. After that I just sit on my bar stool behind the counter with my coffee and newspaper and wait for the city to wake up. Sometimes one or two early risers would come in carrying their coffees and muffins. I set them up with their computers and we all go about our morning routines. They seem to like Tracy in the background too.

On a PF note, a low stress, flexible part-time job was a great idea. I made some extra money for travels during my time off, and met some great people.