Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You win some, you lose some

The budget has completely blown up this week.

I just bought a wireless router. Mum and dad didn’t have a router and as I work home lots it’s a necessary purchase. On the plus side, dad’s work pays for internet so I don’t have to pay for internet every month. The savings are definitely going to be bigger than the $60 I spent on the router. Of course, this girl doesn’t shop without some research and looking for a deal first.

I asked around and the consensus was that the Linksys WRT54GL is good quality and price. The router is marked down $20 this week at Dell, and I get a 2% cash back with Great Canadian Rebates. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Shopping gives me such a high and getting a deal is even better.

On the bad news side, I got a parking ticket. I was 15 minutes before the free parking time limit and coinless. So I thought “what are the chances? Besides a parking ticket is small.” Well, it’s small until you get it and have to pay it. I can afford the $40 sure, but it could’ve been put to much better use. Felt like I just threw that money away. There, lesson learned…the hard way.


SavingDiva said...

$40 spent on a parking ticket is so frustrating!

Wooly Woman said...

I did that a few weeks ago- didn't plug the meter enough and got a ticket because I thought I wouldn't be that long. Quite annoying.

Esme said...

I really think they should give people a break.

Those people who park on the street during rush hour, when the signs say 'no parking between 3 - 6pm' should get a ticket. But if you made a mistake or missed by a few minutes should be given a break :(