Friday, December 21, 2007

Gift for myself?

The new company travel policy came out a couple of weeks ago. Seriously making me feel under appreciated here. I’m putting myself out by traveling for you and making money for you. But you come out with more things you won’t reimburse me for? Dear employer, this is something I definitely will take into account when I reassess my job satisfaction in the new year right after I find out about how much my raise is.

Right now I’m focusing on GPS. From now on GPS rentals are not reimbursed for business travel. What am I suppose to do when you make me go to a strange city?

As a result I have been contemplating buying a GPS for myself. It sucks that I’m paying out of pocket for something work related. However, I think a GPS is necessary. So it’s going to be my gift to myself (not necessarily purchased at Christmas).

Today, I was browsing boxing week deals and is selling the Garmin Nuvi 250 for $150! That according to my co-worker (bought it for $250) is a screaming deal. Even can’t beat that price in the States at $231.95.

Now I could possibly get it price matched at Canadian Tire and get 10% Canadian Tire money. However, it’s going to be a big hassle and I had bad customer service experiences at CT. Or I could go through and get 1% cashback with Dell and another 1% with Mastercard(must pay cash/debit at CT to get 10%). No hassle. I haven’t decided what to do yet.


Wooly Woman said...

I love our GPS, it is so handy. But I can't believe work won't at least help with the cost! If you get the right person at Cdn Tire it can be ok to get a price match, but the cash back is always nice too. If you collect airmiles too, you can go through their site and get airmiles on any Dell purchase as well.

Esme said...

Wooly woman: I didn't know that Dell purchases qualify for airmiles. Great tip. Thanks!

Yes, it almost feel like the company is doing a favor for me by letting me travel instead of the other way around. Seriously, they lose a lot of good people by being so mean and inflexible.

Dell has sold out before I could buy it :(