Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The price tag for a little bit of home

Here I am soaking up the culture in China. But once in awhile I get a little home sick and go looking for something familiar from home. Usually this leads me to McDonald or Starbucks. Yesterday, I found this coffee shop nearby the apartment that’s got everything imported from Philadelphia Cream Cheese to Spaghetti.

Needless to say I was quite happy. Grabbed a Newsweek and an InStyle from the magazine pile and sat down to enjoy my curry chicken with rice and coffee. It wasn’t too bad. The meal was about 60RMB.

There is also a little shop attached to the coffee shop. I had a look around after dinner. A 2L bottle of Cranberry juice is 60RMB (almost $10!) and the InStyle magazine is 68 RMB. That is pricey. I don't know. If I was here for 6 months, like some people are, I might be tempted to sell out the $10+ bucks for InStyle by the 5th month.