Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Chipped Tooth

I'm glad to say I'm doing quite well on the getting in shape New Year's resolution. I've been quite active with weekend activities and the pool and Pilates during the week. I also started packing lunch this week.

There is a little downside that I did not expect. I chipped a tooth eating my sandwich yesterday. I know. This does not make me look good at all. Either I'm accident prone or I'm an awful, awful sandwich maker. Neither is true.

The sandwich was quite good. The tooth must have something wrong before the sandwich.

This is an unexpected expense, hopefully my health insurance plus the flexible health spending account will cover everything. I'm going to see the dentist tomorrow for my regular clean anyway so we'll see what he says.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the chipped tooth will help with the diet! I had my wisdom teeth extracted last year and lost more weight in two weeks than I ever could have without surgery. Silver lining.

Esme said...

frugal dad,
That's true :) I probably eat less. Fortunately, I saw the dentist and he said it's not even big enough to need a filling. Yay!

Dolly Iris said...

I once chipped at tooth at work eating a potato chip. Actually it cracked in half and I discovered I had to have a double root canal.... oops! Luckily it wasn't in a visible area and I had dental at the time.