Monday, February 11, 2008


I just called the Visa people this morning and the dispute has been closed. They will credit $40 and change on my next statement.

I just checked Canada Post looks like the Egyptian visa was posted on Friday.

We celebrated Mum’s 60th this weekend. Mum didn’t like going to restaurants because no kitchen can be as clean as her kitchen. So we cooked at home. I did the prep work and some cooking. Then when Sis came she did the more difficult things since she is a better cook than me. Everything went off great.

Sis and Bil also brought the GPS down for me. Turns out it’s even better. It’s the Garmin Nuvi 350 instead of Nuvi 250. I haven’t looked up the additional features yet but I think one is text to voice so they speak out the street names. It was only $189.

I took Sis and Bil cross-country skiing. The weather was great. They enjoyed themselves. All it cost were the $47.25 for ski rentals and gas. Again I’m glad how much cheaper xc skiing is compared to downhill. $47.25 would probably be rental for one set of snow boarding equipment instead of three people. Then there are the lift tickets.