Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coffee and Tea with the Girls

Tonight one of my girlfriends became a home owner. Her and her boyfriend just signed the contracts for a two bed, two bath, 1200 square feet condo with a 700 square feet private roof top patio for approx. 430k.

We are all very happy for her. It sounds amazing. I could not hope to get something as nice. Ah the power of dual income. Makes me very aware of my singleton status (well I am practically with the bf being so far away). What’s worse, everyone is talking about summer BBQ’s and cocktail parties, all of which I will be attending alone while everyone else will be in couples. I am not kidding. Currently of my friends in this city I’m the only single girl/guy I know.

This is not suppose to happen! Not yet! I’m not ready!

Some financial windfall of a non-dating singleton – non-dating part on account of still having ld bf who I will never see:
1. No longer going out as much as person to go out with is gone, and don’t like to frequent events with mostly couples.
2. Less gas on driving to bf and going out
3. More time on my hands = maybe getting part time job to fend off boredom