Monday, March 24, 2008

No more Junk mail

I don’t like getting junk mail. Not only does it stuff up my mail box but it kills trees! What a waste.

Anyway, if you are Canadian you can sign up for the Do Not Contact list at the Canadian Marketing Association to stop getting addressed junk mail and calls. When you are at the website just search for Do Not Contact List.

Soon, there will be a National Do Not Call List (estimated date 2008 Fall). I will keep my eye out for that.

Also, put a No Junk Mail sticker on your mail box for those unaddressed junk mail.

*edit* Thanks to Wooly Woman, here is another link to fill out to reduce junk mail.

If you are in the United States check out this link


Canadian Saver said...

If it's unaddressed admail, your mail carrier will respect your wishes... but it's the addressed admail that I'm battling. I'll look into the site you listed!

Wooly Woman said...

I signed up a few months ago and the annoying phone calls have really dropped off, yay! I still get addressed junk mail in the form of credit card offers which drives me nuts, but I have not yet filled out this form:
This should stop all junk mail in to my mail... I hope...