Monday, April 21, 2008

The Catalyst

The last post was a post I wrote awhile back. I wasn’t sure about sharing it. However, as I write about what goes on in my life, there will probably be more career related posts in the next while. I thought it was a good idea to show where I am at the lows.

This week I’m actually feeling much better. Because things are happening that leaves me no choice but to act, to take that step towards change. Actually, I needed that kick in the butt. Like I said I was stalled and mostly because of my own inaction.

Anyway, big client is reorganizing and had to choose between keeping me or another person. Like I said, I knew it was coming. Just as I knew I would be the one to go on account of my cost - 240% more than the other person. My boss there is really nice and will be keeping me until June.

Boss #1 is actively seeking opportunities for me within our own global organization. She told me about three different possibilities. One of which, I will be looking into when I’m in Austin next week.

Boss #2 I just talked to today. He’s the local boss so he was not aware of this change until I told him. He’s going to talk to Boss #1 as well.

I’m reassured that I have good bosses. Really, my co-workers and superiors are great people. Just our industry, it’s sometimes frustrating (as you can tell in my last post).

So times they are changing. There’s a lot to think about. But at least I can no longer stick with status quo. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m just glad that something will happen.


Anonymous said...

hey i think blogging about your career is a great idea and i've been thinking i should do the same. i'm really curious to find out more about what you do though! your posts are always pretty vague...

Esme said...

hi centsprout,
I actually try not to be too specific about what I do to maintain anonymity. Also, writing about my job comes very close to writing about my employer, which I'd like to avoid.