Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Visit from the bf

The bf is being sent back here for training for a week! I’m so excited. We were saving up for my trip to visit him in May/June (he’s helping me with travel expenses), but it just seemed so far away. Then last week he got a new project and need to come here for training. What luck!

He’s going to fly in this weekend so we can spend some time together as he will be very busy during the week. I already borrowed a National Park Pass from my co-worker so we can drive to the Rockies. He said he misses the mountains.

Next week is also my birthday (see what I mean when I said what luck?). He was going to send me my gift but now he’s going to bring it. I wonder what it is. The anticipation is my favorite part of getting gifts. But of course just having him here is a pretty good gift in itself.


PiggyBankBlues said...

now there's a perfect bday present :)