Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What he said…

The 11am appointment was informative. He said that he can’t interview me because technically I haven’t applied for the job. (ummm…I could have if I’d known. I mean I did have weeks of free time before this. ) But he told me about the team that he’s putting together, what they will be doing, and who he’s looking for.

Of course I will apply. I feel it’s almost an obligation to apply for the job because of the work everyone put in. However, I’m unsure.

I’ve been debating between sticking with what I’m doing or switching industries.

Pros: I have experience, skills, and contacts.

It’s something I know how to do. I have a better chance of getting this job because of my skills and existing experience with the customer.

Even though it doesn’t seem like it to me, I actually have a lot of contacts. This is my first time being physically in Austin, but today someone was commenting on how many people from different departments I know here.

It made me think. Things would be a lot harder going into a new industry. What if I am throwing away an amazing opportunity and end up unemployed for a long, long time?

Cons: Job satisfaction and career development.

Even as I was listening to this guy telling me about the job, I was depressed. It sounds like a great idea and there is a lot of interest from the customer – right now. But I’ve learnt that customers are fickle. When it comes to crunch time – there is always the next cost reduction – what we do will be the first to go. We are non-essential and the cost and reward in terms of $$$ doesn’t look so great. A lot of results are intangible. It makes me feel marginal.

Also, I don’t know where I would go from here. There’s no one here whose job I envy. And yes, I’ve been told many times that it’s good to have my job because very few people have the skills. But then, there is limited number of companies who might hire me.

On a side note, the people here are really nice. I think I would like working with them. But would I like what I do?