Monday, May 5, 2008

A Decision

Over the weekend, I updated my resume and applied for the Austin job. It’s something I have to do but I think I know what I want. An unusual feeling of zen came over me after I decided.

Lately, when I talk to my family and friends about all of this I get really worked up. Lots of doubt and fear in general of what will happen. It’s not a pretty scene. So much so I’ve stopped talking to them about it all together.

But yesterday it became very simple for me. All the fears and doubts about what comes after are still there. However, I don’t need to waste another year to figure out what I already know – I’m not happy.

I casually mentioned that I will be sending out resumes soon. No one I talked to (on the phone) seemed shocked. It’s amazing how much less drama my conversations were compared to lately. I think all my mess had weighed on the people in my life too.

Here I am, soon to be starting all over again. Hey, starting over 2 years after university is not so bad. I’m still young and I certainly didn’t sleep through these two years.