Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just before the hike

Next week I’m taking vaca to see the bf. We’ve been planning this trip for awhile now, but only last week did we get our schedules worked out and vacations approved. As soon as I knew I booked my tickets. I got in just before all these fuel surcharge and whatever other reasons the airlines gave for price hikes.

It works out great. I got the cheapest flights I could. It means flying on Saturday instead of Friday. Now I can work my regular barista shift Saturday morning. It’s all going to offset the cost of the trip. I fly back Tuesday night. Again, it’s a lot cheaper than flying Sunday night or Monday.

With flights being what they are I got to do every little thing to offset the cost. This July, I'm planning to meet up with my friends across the country and do a road trip. It just got a lot more expensive with the high gas prices and airplane tickets surcharges.

Oh and I'm complaining that a week is such a short time to see the bf. It’s all we can manage though. I just heard that I might have to go to Mexico for a week, the first week of June. The bf was saying something about being sent to Mexico a few weeks ago. Maybe we’ll get lucky??