Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lost urge to shop?

I went outlet shopping at San Marcos. It was huge! By far it is the biggest outlet mall I’ve seen. There was a new Gucci opening and people were lined up to get in. The most crowded shop I saw was the Coach store.

When I first got there I was afraid I’d spend a fortune. But other than a couple of things from Ann Taylor for Sis, and perfume for a friend, I didn’t buy anything at all. Every time I thought of buying something, I thought “I don’t need it right now. It’s only going to mean more clutter and spending money. I don’t have to buy something just because it’s a good deal”

I wonder if it would work out the same (amount of money spent/saved) if I just get things on the occasions when I need them instead of stock piling things on sale for the possibility I might need it in the future. I have a lot of things in my closet that I don’t wear and eventually end up giving away.

It’s hard to tell. I’m just glad I didn’t spend a fortune today.

photo by santacroce


Anonymous said...

I know, it's easy to internalize the thinking, isn't it? I had the same experience two weeks shopping with my mother and sister. I kept hearing that inner voice: You don't need that!