Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Thoughts are with you

I tend to be a little unaware when it comes to world events because I don't get a chance to watch the news everyday. It’s been a few days since the big earthquake in China. However, the devastation really hit home when I finally saw the news stories today - little bits on the radio when I drive just isn't the same.

One news story about the children killed by the collapse of their school made me cry. The parents look so numb as they watch the workers dig through the rubble. They have been waiting for three days in front of the collapsed building. The rescue effort has turn into a recovery operation. Because of the one child policy many parents have lost their only child. The grief of one mother and how affected everyone around her was breaks your heart.

It's amazing how people come together during times of crisis and help each other. Anyway, Dad mentioned his company is matching donations so we are going to donate through there. For anyone who wants to help, you can donate to the Red Cross online – thanks to Lazy Investor who posted the link.