Friday, May 16, 2008

Save Money by keeping Snacks at my Desk

It’s pretty self explanatory. But it really does work. These are the conversations in my head this morning - Not all of them, just the ones regarding breakfast.

7:30am (while still in bed): “Ugh! I’ve nothing to bring for breakfast today. Maybe I won’t. I’ll just treat myself at the cafeteria. It is Friday after all. And it can’t be a no spend day because I’m going out for lunch.”

9:15am: “Alright. Breakfast. Let’s see I got my change and $5. Should be good. Wait, what’s this? A bag of cookies I brought on Monday. Mmmm... Fruit Crème Biscuits packed in a cute little Tupperware.

And I do have the extra tea bag I could make tea with.

I am already going out for lunch today. And I will be spending lots next week on vacation. Mmmm...Fruit Crème biscuits and tea.”

That’s how I saved $3.75 this morning. Oh and I treated my co-workers to biscuits, which I can’t do if I got a breakfast sandwich at the cafeteria.


Anonymous said...

I do this too. My general manager happened to walk in my cubicle and look around "You've got a little grocery store on that bottom shelf!" she said. I sure do! Saves me a ton!

PiggyBankBlues said...

i totally do the same thing! in fact, i have a small food pantry in my backpack at all times...

Canadian Saver said...

Yeah, that sure does help! I eat breakfast at home, my downfall is 3 pm hunger... that's when I'll reach for the $2 candy bars. But if I have enough goodies (healthier stuff!) with me, it's an easier (and cheaper!!) decision.