Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sometimes, you need more than one

I started this blog to have an outlet for my thoughts. It’s what I like about blogging. It’s also great getting feedback, comments, more information or shared experiences.

But sometimes I need more than this. Awhile back, I went through a period where I was too scattered in my thoughts to write anything at all. At least Sponsored Post opportunities gave me some direction – write x words on y topic. Or on days when I feel like no one is reading, even looking at a penny I get from Google Adsense cheers me up. This is not a post to justify anything. Just something that occurred to me.

My original reason to start this blog is still there…most of the time. But I think having more than one motivator to keep it going is probably why it lasted 7 months so far (about 6 months and 20 days longer than my attempts to keep a journal). Because on days when all else fails, I can say ‘hey, it’s not all for nothing. Hang in there. At least you can make a few dollars from it.’