Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thrift Store Shopping

Today we went to a thrift store. The bf needed a lamp because his rental doesn’t have lights in the living room and bedroom.

This is a temporary stay for him until he finds a place to buy. I suggested getting something at the thrift store instead of buying something new and he was all for it.

For a few reasons. First, it is unlikely the lamp he buys will go with the place (and décor) he eventually settles on. Also we both hate moving lots of things, so we are trying to keep a light load for his next move. This way he can give it back to the thrift store when he’s done.

Yes, he can go to the store and get a nice new one. But why spend more money on something he knows he will be giving away. Bf also pointed out that this way we are reusing and minimizing waste.

It’s true. Buying something used from the thrift store makes me feel less of a consumer. How well he knows me.

Anyway, we got a perfectly nice lamp (with working bulb) for $4.99.