Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why Am I anonymous?

Nicole asked why I am anonymous. Mostly because I like writing whatever I want and not have to worry about who reads it. This blog is my outlet.

A few people in my life know I have a blog. But I didn’t tell them much else and made them swear never to look for it.

Sometimes I get the urge to share, but I catch myself. Because if I tell A, then I can’t write without reserve about A or B, C, and D who A also knows.

Also, my anonymity also helps to protect the privacy of the people I write about. I can change names, gender, dates, and locations. But it’s not that hard for someone who knows me or the subjects to piece it together.

I like the freedom of being anonymous.


If someone I know finds me, please don’t tell me you know. Better yet don’t read it. It’s like reading someone’s diary. You might read things you don’t like, and you can’t unread it afterwards you know.


Anonymous said...

That makes sense, there is a certain amount of things I can't write about since I use my real name.
I was just curious. :^) I hope I wasn't too nosy!

Esme said...

Not at all nicole. It's something I wanted to write about :)

Canadian Saver said...

I totally understand, I want to remain anonymous too!