Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Meetings

It’s 5:30pm on a Tuesday. I just started my shift. Things are usually calm during this time with a few customers trickling in at a time. My first customer was a young guy.

He asked me :”What kind of drink would you recommend for a girl?”
“Well, does she like sweet or not so sweet? Lots of Caffeine?”
“I’m not sure…?”
“How about an Ice latte, it’s what I like this time of the year.”
“That sounds good. Two Ice lattes please.”
“Whole milk or skim milk?”
“Umm… I’m not sure.”
“Let’s go with Skim.” Because in my experience whole milk people are ok with occasional skim and skim people aren’t with whole.
“Sounds good”

I made two Ice lattes.
“Here you go. Two Ice lattes with skim milk. Enjoy” I didn’t want to say non-fat lattes because you don’t want the girl getting the wrong idea :)
“Thanks. I hope she shows up. Otherwise I’d be drinking both lattes.”

He was kind of cute in his nervous, eager to please, and excited manner. I hoped the girl would show.

The café got busy and I forgot about the Skim Ice Lattes guy. A little later on, as I was busing some tables, I saw him at a corner table. A pretty girl with wavy brown hair was sitting across from him. The lattes seemed to be a hit, and the couple looked like they were enjoying each other’s company.

I was glad she showed up. They make a cute couple.