Sunday, June 8, 2008

Headlines and life

Two things have been all over the news lately: rising costs and recession. Here is how it showed up in my life.

Rising costs:
Driving has become more expensive. Only not too long ago I was thinking about how impossible $1.40 gas is. We are at $1.30 now and another couple of hikes and we are there!

My grocery bills are higher than before.

The café has raised prices, which still get many comments from customers. But really, are you surprised?

My job is linked mostly with an US client and my contract is finishing end of June with no intention of renewal. From my buddies over there I hear they are doing a 10% cut.

I’ve been selling my books and DVDs on Amazon. A few months ago, whatever I listed sold in about one to two weeks. Now, the listings expire. I keep re-list but no luck.

Interested rates are down, which means less earned on my high interested accounts.

Investing in equities is a lot harder. When I first started in equities two years ago, every stock I picked went up. Now you really have to pick and choose carefully. Luckily I’ve also learn more about investing and my tolerance of risk.