Thursday, June 5, 2008

My dad

I was driving with my Dad yesterday. Usually this is when we have conversations because with our schedules we rarely see each other.

Dad and I have had some disagreements over me not taking the Austin opportunity. He thinks it’s better to have any job than to no job. Well, you know what I think. Some jobs drain you so much that you really don’t have the energy/motivation to do anything else until you are free.

Today he told me he still believes I should hang on here as long as I can and use the time to plan my next step. He and Mum will support me in whatever I want to do. They are doing better financially than when I was in university. If I decide to go back to school they can help me out. Or if I find a job I like, and decide to settle down they can help me with a condo.

I was really touched. I guess he wanted to let me know that even though he can’t see eye to eye with me on my current decision, he will support me for what I decide to do next.

I told him I’m glad for the support but financially I want to try and make it on my own. I feel it’s dangerous to plan parental financial assistance as part of a budget. I am capable of supporting myself and adding parental assistance would just mean I’m living beyond my means. Already they helped me save a lot of money by letting me move home when I started traveling for work. I make sure I don’t touch the rent money I saved except for a down payment one day. However, that’s all the parental assistance I can justify taking.


Canadian Saver said...

It's great that you know they are there if you need them. I'm very blessed with all that my parents do for me too... We're lucky to still have them :-)