Sunday, June 22, 2008

One more week?

June 30th is the date. At least the last time I talked to Boss 1 that was the date we think I will be finishing my project.

I have hardly talked to Boss 1 since my performance review. The review went rather well. As he said, I have gotten a lot of exposure for someone who’s only been in the workforce two years. He said he will keep me updated on what’s happening. That was the last time we really talked.

Boss 2 haven’t talked to me since I told her about not taking the Austin opportunity.

Friday I decided since it’s about a week until end of project, I need to talk to them and see what’s going to happen afterwards. Boss 1, I couldn’t reach so I will try and make a meeting tomorrow. Boss 2, who is not local, I e-mailed and received an ‘out of office until June 30” e-mail back.

Hopefully Boss 1 will be more informative when I talk to him. Anything can happen.