Friday, June 20, 2008

That friend

Do you have friends who are just inseparable from their Significant others? I do. It’s not bad usually. Except one, whose SO I secretly don’t particularly like much (to hang out with at least)? He’s a nice guy and all. But we don’t have anything in common. Conversation usually end up being them talking about couples they know and what they did, or old friends we knew and he didn’t. We no longer do anything together other than talk, so what’s there to talk about that’s common between all three of us?

It doesn’t help that he’s got the attention span of a hamster. He tries. Like he’d say what are you up to? Then before I even finish the sentence he’d interrupt with some inappropriate comment or irrelevant topic. We’d ended up talking in depth about the salad he had during lunch that day, or how funny it was that the last time he had pot and he couldn’t feel his toes.

Well, I’m having dinner with them. I’ve only got $20 in my budget to last me until end of Saturday, and it’s not my way to spend Friday night. But I couldn’t get out of it. We haven’t seen each other in ages (I wonder why) and she’s very sensitive about things like that.

I think I’ll just order the lightest thing on the menu and a big drink. Hopefully, it’ll be cheaper and the meal will go quickly.


krystalatwork said...

OMG I have so many friends who are like that. It frustrates me to no end. It's not like the world will end if they spend an hour apart from each other.

Anonymous said...

This bugs me as well. Is there any way you can say nicely to her "Hey, I wanted to catch up with you and I feel bad when we talk about people that Boyfriend doesn't know... How about just us girls tonight?"