Thursday, June 26, 2008


I said there will be something to write about tonight for sure and I do.

First, I just came back from a focus group. $200 cash for 2 hours and maybe 45 minutes for a pre-assignment. Pretty good. $160 will be added to Laptop fund and $40 to savings.

Now for the bigger news. Today there was a big general meeting at work. 75% of our business is moving out of our site, which means a downsizing of over 50% of staff. Rumors has been going around all week and most are confirmed.

How does this affect me? Not much. As I said, my cost hasn't been with this site for over a year, and upon finishing my current contract end of June chances of being asked to integrate back into this site are slim. Now it just means I will be getting the news with a whole of other people instead of by myself. Maybe. Nothing will be for sure until I actually get the news tomorrow.