Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where’s my money?

I bought some shares of Frontline Ltd about six months ago. The stock has gone up and best of all, its dividend yield is at 17.5%. I’m not an everyday trader. Even though I keep an eye on what happens to prices of the stocks in my portfolio, I only check dividend payouts once in awhile to update my own spreadsheet.

The last dividend is recorded on June 2 for $2.75 per share. But when I went to check on my statements nothing showed up. Then I checked the dividends information again through the investment account. According to reports there is a $2.75 dividend June 2, and a $0.34 dividend sometime in February (this doesn’t show up on Yahoo Finance). I don’t see either.

Where’s my money? I have to call my brokerage and see what happened.