Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to school

Well, I done did it. I signed up for a class at the local college. It’s going to be tight as I get off work and 5pm and class starts across town at 6pm. The other choice was Saturday morning. I only work at the café on weekends, both days if I have no plans but usually one day on the weekend. If I were to take the class Saturday morning I probably have to quit the café. I know I said it is monotonous lately, but I don’t want to stop all together.

You get to see some real characters once in a while, it’s a nice break in the routine, and a little extra spending money. Tuesday nights at 6pm it is then. I’m excited. It’s not a basket weaving course. It’s actually something I’ve been curious about and might impact my future depending on how I like it.


Rhona said...

How nice. What are you taking exactly? I love learning.

Esme said...

To answer your question I'm taking business courses, starting with micro and macro economics.