Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Car shopping sega continues

I was visiting Sis a couple of weeks ago. She dragged me into a Toyota dealership just to have a look (even though I had decided to get the 2008 Toyota from my guy the next week). Good thing she did. Because new guy told us there is no ABS for the car I wanted, the 2008 Toyota CE. What!? That's pretty important for me and horrible to find out in the event that I try to use it.

New guy tried to sell me the 2009 CE with a package that has ABS, power doors and mirrors (not windows), and with Cruise Control added on. This is the second shocker of the day. Because previous two sales people I talked to told me I couldn't add Cruise Control.

I just don't know what to think or who to believe anymore. So I decided to wait a couple of months before I make the purchase. A: I think I won't need it until then. B: I can put the cash into the Canadian Tire account with the special 3 month interest rate. C: I can have the time to think and look around other cars.


Anonymous said...

Buy the model you want, but buy it barely used. The second a car is driven off the lot, it loses value. Let some other poor schmuck take that loss instead of you. The last two cars my husband and I bought were 15 and 19 months old. We got them at a 40% discount off of new. We paid cash for one and took out a very small loan (now paid off for the other).

Esme said...

Hi Anonymous,
I originally considered buying used. But for some reason, the used cars are much of a price difference. For example I Hyundai 2007 were going for around $15K where as the new 2008 I could get for around $17K.

Maybe I should look harder for a better deal. Another reason why waiting a little makes sense.

Karen said...

Not sure if there are differences in cars between the US and Canada but a search on a (I'm assuming) Corolla CE:
Shows ABS is avail on the 08, other airbags and cruise are avail. Power doors and windows are manual.
However, that doesn't mean that they actually have one to sell you, anymore. It's late in the model year.

Esme said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the tip. I guess someone didn't know what they were talking about either be the one who said there is no ABS or the one who said there is.