Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Window

My cubicle is behind the cubicle that is across the hall way from the office that has a window. I get a little stir crazy sitting in front of my computer, especially since many websites are blocked. I tried to access Salvation army to make a donation and it was blocked!

Another thing is that lots of people here have lunch at their desk. I don’t see anyone taking breaks in the break room so I haven’t figured out if people are taking them at their desks as well or not taking them at all. Either way it means more time at my desk.

I’ve made it a point to go out for a little walk during my lunch hour. Yesterday, as I was walking around the parking lot (not many places to walk here) I actually saw someone sitting in their car, which is idling, and reading.

I guess I am feeling a little isolated. Makes me wonder about the company culture. However, it is early yet. I’m just going to lay low and observe.