Monday, August 18, 2008

Price differences

Yesterday, I went to Superstore to get groceries to pack my lunches. Visits to the Superstore usually mean driving because they are located pretty far (cheaper rent and plenty of parking...why not). But by planning my groceries ahead of time, the drive really is worth it.

For example, last week I was short on time so I went to my local deli to get some black forest ham for sandwiches. Yesterday I bought about the same amount to make salads. The price was about half of what I paid for at the deli.

I paid for $2.49 a pound for tomatoes at my local grocer. At superstore, I got them for less than half of that price.

Lots of things I buy only when they are on sale at the local grocer. For those same things, that sale price is the regular price at superstore.

Of course the selection might be a little different and not all things are super cheap. But usually if I do a major trip to places like Superstore or Walmart Supercenter, and supplement with small trips to my local stores, my weekly grocery spendings end up being a little smaller.


Anonymous said...

I have also mentioned that less money is spent when I buy things at Superstore. It's better to go there and make some large purchases otherwise it would be the same thing as in a usual shop.

Esme said...

I agree. Planning purchases and buying bulk makes a big difference.