Monday, September 29, 2008

You can’t please everyone

These last two weeks my life has been crazy. My obligations as they were: work, café, class, Elections Canada, and friends. Then three people whom I love, but seem to think my purpose in life is to be free when they are, around are in town. So it’s me trying to juggle everything, and constantly feeling guilty for letting one of them down.

I temporarily stopped working at the café, barely showing up at Elections Canada, and skipped a couple of classes. Last night as I was sitting up late trying to catch up on my reading and preparing for an interview (more later), and dreading getting up at 5am (to get to work early so I can leave early, and help one of them find work clothes), I realized something.

Sometimes I just have to deal with disappointing a few people. It won’t be detrimental to them or our relationship. I could try to do everything for everyone, and make everyone happy. First of all it won’t work because there is only one of me and someone is going to be disappointed. Second of all it’s not sustainable and I will breakdown eventually.

On a related note. I have not been commenting on blogs because it’s been so crazy. But I’m still reading and enjoying your blogs.