Friday, October 10, 2008


When I first started this job, it was with the understanding that I will move onto other areas in the company. On both sides we were very clear about this. Today, another guy was being given the tour of the company. What he’s being interviewed for? I didn’t know.

Then my buddy comes over and says “Hey! Do you know this guy that got the tour? He’s from your old company.” We got to talking. And he tells me this guy applied for position x, but they (same hiring people) are trying to hire him for position y telling him he can move into position x in the future. I know they want to fill position y quickly. I also know they just hired someone for position x starting next week. Chance of that group needing another person anytime soon? Low.

Another thing. Remember when I was hired he stressed the bonus part of my compensation. I didn’t count on that because I’m use to these things not always coming through. Well, it turns out that last couple of years there have been no bonuses.

A little insight and realistic expectations of some of the things I’ve been promised I guess.


FB @ said...

All politics but that kind of trickery makes smart people leave quickly. They'll have to rehire again and spend more money on that than if they had done that in the first place