Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Third Round

This morning I got a call about the downtown job. It’s down to me and another candidate for the job. I have to send in references. I contacted my references to give them a heads up and sent along the information. As I was doing that, I got another call asking what am I currently making?

I told him I’m making above X, X being $5k lower than what he named as his top range. He said this might be a little hard. However, we will see. It will be my decision to make whether I want to take the position or not.

Hmmm…. I will ask my friend about this. I don’t know if this will hurt my chances. But one way or the other I will find out soon. If I do get to an offer, I will need to call my career coach (courtesy of previous job) on what to do next. I admit I will need a little help navigating this. In fact I wonder if I haven’t made any major faux pas already.