Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I got a message from Sis to call her. Sis and Bil got robbed on Monday! They went through everything. Broke the door from the garage, took out all the drawers, went through the bathrooms, and even turned over the mattresses. They took anything they thought can be sold. I feel really horrible for them.

They are insured. But a lot of the things they took are worth more because of the sentimental value than anything else. People, assess your home, if there are things worth insuring, insure them!

Another thing is an alarm system. It’s not a lot of money and definitely worth it for the peace of mind. People never think about these things happening to them, and get caught off guard like Sis and Bil. By being prepared, you are not saying that this will happen to you but you are making yourself less of a target.