Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend happenings

This weekend I went to a co-worker's birthday bash. It was nice since I got to chat with some of my new co-workers outside of work and get to know them. I didn't know what to get him so I went to the local popular cupcake store and bought a dozen cup cakes. They are famous, delicious and very nicely presented for about $20.

It was BYOB, which no one told me about. No worries. Everyone was more than happy to share.

With Christmas being the next big holiday everyone is talking about Christmas parties and lunches. The company party is November 22. I can't go because you need to RSVP like 2 months ahead. One of the guys offered to take me as his date, which was very nice of him. I said told him so too. I said I'll have to see. But I don't think I will go. Being the newbie, I don't want people to get the wrong idea, especially after I talked to my friend, and he said it would be kind of date-ish.

I love Christmas. I love the songs, and giving gifts and the movies all about Christmas goodness. At the coffee shop we are already doing ginger bread men, eggnog drinks, and like 50% Christmasy music.

So far I have 3 Christmas lunches and one Christmas dinner for work. Planning ahead I think I need to think about what to wear. If I can find something in my closet (newly organized and awesome), great. Otherwise, I will probably just get a new top and some accessories.