Friday, December 5, 2008

Barista I'll stay

I'm going to keep the barista job. I was having a little fit the other day because I was getting a little overwhelmed by requests from family and friends for free weekends. I've now dealt with all requests and am reasonably calm again.

I know keeping this job means little free time and little money. But it is also very flexible. I just found out that my exam is next Saturday. That's my day at the cafe. I'd be hard pressed to get that day off without two weeks notice anywhere else. But I called my manager up this morning and she changed my shift right then and there.

Most other places also ask for a commitment of 3 shifts a week. Right now I am at 1 shift per week, and less than that when I take a weekend off here and there. So until I can find a part time gig with the same/better flexibility, or I finally work up the resolve to quit, I'll just keep trudging along.


FB @ said...

I secretly wish I was a barista sometimes. You always look like you`re having a good time at work!

Esme said...

Fabulously Broke,
Sometimes it really is fun. But working 5 days a week at my regular job and then another day on the weekend gets a little trying sometimes. I wish I had more days in the weekend :)