Sunday, January 4, 2009

Frist post of 2009!

I'm back! New Year's Eve was awesome and I left town early the next morning to spend a few days with family. Just got back.

New Year's Eve I spent a total of $22.80 for wine to bring to the party. We had a great time. We even ended up party hopping to another house party. The house belonged to a bachelor who lives there with two other bachelors. Why is this relevant? Because it means they can turn their house into a total party house. The basement has a huge flat screen, with equipment for gaming and partying. Complete with strobe lights, lasers, and other DJ equipment I can't quite name.

For a new year of blogging, I'm going to do a little clean up.
2008, I reached all three of my goals. See my fourth quarter check up. I had at least 75 no spending days, and saved 55 plastic bags. I say at least because I didn't start at the beginning of the year. Anyway, let's start at 0 from January 1, 2009. Already, I have 1 no spend day (today), and saved 1 plastic shopping bag.

I haven't made any specific goals this year, though there are two things I'd to seriously consider this year.

First is financial. If things are going right, and I find a place that just clicks with me, I'd like to buy a place of my own.

Second is personal. I'd be like to be more open emotionally. I love my friends and family. But I like to keep a certain distance. And I categorized people in my life (i.e. family, work friends, skiing friends, going out friends, friends I complain to, friends I can never complain to, boyfriend etc.) Each group is compartmentalized and is privy to certain aspect of my life. I never mix them. As if by doing this I could prevent them from knowing too much about me? This year I'd like to have less walls and boundaries in my life.