Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Night at the Museum

A friend and I were thinking of going to see this special exhibit at the local museum. I went on the website to see what the hours of operations were. Since I was there, I checked the admission fee. It was $15 for adults! When did going to the museum become so pricey? I honestly thought it'd be $5-$10. In Toronto, we used to go on Friday nights for free.

Anyway, I quickly found a two-for-one coupon. Museum is more fun with a friend anyhow.


Money Minder said...

I don't think the ROM does free Friday nights anymore.

We went on New Years Day and it was $22 for adults and kids were free (kids are usually $15 each!!!)


Esme said...

$22 for Adults? $15 for Kids? That's like $59 for just entrance fee! Ouch indeed!