Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Byes

Today the cafe closed its doors. Yes it will open in a couple months time, but with new owners, completely changed interior, and new staff (as no one has intentions of waiting 2 months to reapply).

I had a shift but not the closing shift. It was so sad to talk to the regulars. One lady said she's lived in this area 25 years and can't even remember what stood in the place of this cafe before there was a cafe. She told us that before her husband passed away they use to come every Saturday morning.

When I looked at the clock later and realized that it's about 15 minutes to closing, I said my own little good bye. It's hard to imagine not going to work at the cafe again. But life goes on and I'm sure I will fill up my schedule some other way.


Tanner said...

Good luck, and remember that these "end of an era" type scenarios sometimes end up working out for the best by forcing us down roads we wouldn't otherwise have chosen!

Canadian Saver said...

That must have been difficult, since you enjoyed your job. I've had jobs like that where I hated to leave, but I remember my last job I left, I was sooooo happy to leave, it was one of the best days of my life!

Are you applying elsewhere or taking a break for now?