Saturday, March 21, 2009

No one does it cheap like China Town

Ok not exactly China Town. I went to T&T supermarket today. I've been so busy that everything has been on auto pilot lately. I was down to my last orange today, so I made a major grocery run to all my favorite stores.

Lately, I started making my own banana bread. By buying the bananas from the discounted produce pile it works out to be really cheap. The bananas from there usually looked really ripe and bruised, which is the reason why I started buying it for the banana bread. But I've noticed that once peeled most of the time they look just fine to eat as bananas. The deal usually is 50% off regular price at Super Store - my regular place for banana bread bananas.

Today, it was one of those right place, right time things, and they just happen to put out the discount produce right next to me as I was shopping at T&T - not jokes. I got a huge bag of bananas for $0.99 flat, which is probably about about a 30% cheaper than Super store. I've learned that sometimes no one does cheap quite like China Town does cheap, and it's worth a visit.


krystalatwork said...

I LOVE T&T Market. Seriously, I try to buy everything there because it's a million times cheaper than a normal grocery store.

Plus their dim sum is delicious - and during the evenings you can get sushi for 50% off. :)