Monday, April 27, 2009


That's my credit score. Apparently it's pretty good, at least my mortgage broker told me so.

I've started to seriously look at homes, which is why I went to a mortgage broker about getting pre-approved. I wanted to do this because of two reasons. First, I would know exactly what I could afford and shop accordingly. Second, it would make things move much faster once I find a place. I remember hearing somewhere sellers like that as well.

Now I'm hunting around for a good rate. ING is a front runner right now. It's got a good variable rate. Also, it has these options which I find important: I can increase my payment and/or make an annual lump sum payment up to 25% of the original mortgage; I can lock into a fixed rate mortgage of 3 years or longer should I feel that rates will increase.

If anyone has a Canadian mortgage and has advice on how and where I can get a good rate, let me know. Any suggestions are much appreciated.


FB @ said...

800 is the best score you can get. Being 2 points under is pretty damn good.

I'd go with ING because of their Unmortgage philosophy. Other banks may charge you if you pay off the mortgage sooner.

Look into it.

Esme said...

That's good to hear. Thanks FB!