Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cell Phone offer #1

As I mentioned my cell phone contract is expiring in a month, so I called up my provider Bell to see what they can do about my contract. I wasn’t really happy with what I’ve been paying and even started researching other providers. But as I told the customer service representative, I thought I’d give them a change to see what they come up with.

After much back and forth. Here is what I was offered.

$17.30 for voice, 100 anytime minutes + 150 bonus minutes. Unlimited evenings and weekend starting at 6pm.

For text and browsing I get the Fun 20 package with a 50% discount for the first half of my contract. With this package I get unlimited Mobile browser, unlimited text message, Call display and Message Center.

Also, I complained about having to pay the ‘hardware upgrade’ fee, he gave me an additional month of 50% discount, which comes to $10.

With system access and 911 charges coming to about $8 per month, the average monthly total is $40 per month or $35 for the first 18 months and $45 for the next 18. I guess I was ok with that until I found that unlimited Mobile browser is not the same as unlimited data. I actually won’t be able to surf most of the web with the Fun 20 package.

So back to the drawing board. Next post I will write about the deal I got from the salesperson at the store.